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Sproing gets patients on their feet faster.

Because Sproing’s soft, air-filled surface greatly reduces impact and joint stress, it is an ideal rehab trainer.

Sproing is safe for all movements including walking, running, balance and proprioceptive work.  The unique design of Sproing provides a safe, comprehensive workout space.

  • Sproing has no moving belts
  • Sproing users control their speed and can decelerate and accelerate quickly
  • Sproing’s harness and handrails provide more security and safety to users of all abilities and across all rehabilitative stages, from post-op to fully recovered

Sproing provides a complete and extremely efficient training environment in its footprint, equivalent to that of a single treadmill.

Sproing is ideal for functional movement patterns and ADL’s such as balance, walking, running, squatting, lifting and side stepping in a progressive fashion.