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Try the 9 coolest fitness trends in the U.S…. low impact running
Using a Sproing Trainer has 50 percent less impact than the softest treadmill, and 66 percent less impact than the pavement, meaning it’s easy on the joints. However, the workout doesn’t go easy on the rest of you, by triggering cardio, strength, balance, and power. Participants at Sproing Sport can burn 1,000 calories in a single class, which may be useful to know while you’re visiting the home of deep-dish pizza.

The 28 Most Innovative Gyms in America
Why choose between the treadmill’s hard and unforgiving surface or the elliptical’s unnatural and monotonous movement? Designed in 2014 by two men who loved to run but hated the treadmill, Sproing is a piece of gym equipment that’s like nothing else on the market. The low-impact machine replaces the treadmill’s usual plywood deck with soft cushioning that feels like running on the beach (waves and sand not included, unfortunately).

10 Chicago Workouts that Make us want to workout by Fitt
Grade school recess meets fat-burning workout on Wells Street. Sproing Sport will put a spring in your step (literally) even if you just dragged yourself out of bed after hitting snooze five times. These 45-minute classes focus on 30 minutes of HIIT with technology that creates less than half the impact of a normal treadmill. Good for the knees, good for the kid-at-heart. Bounce your way to a lean, mean new bod. Seriously, though, don’t knock it ’til you try it. And feel free to drag along some friends if you’d rather bounce with the crew.

Land Soft
Sproing’s exclusive soft surfaces reduce impact signficantly when compared to the softest treadmill
on the market.

Your Body (Especially Your Knees) will Love Sproing
Sproing Has Way Less Impact on Your Body than the Softest Treadmill

50% less
impact on the knees

32% less
impact on the ankles

41% less
impact on the back

Sproing vs Treadmill: Egg Drop Test
Data is a result of a study conducted by Benedictine University’s Department of Physiology.

Sproing vs. Treadmill

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