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What Is Sproing Fitness?

Sproing Fitness is a revolutionary high intensity interval training studio, using the proprietary Sproing Air Trainer to deliver a fast, fun and furious experience without the injury associated with most high intensity workouts. Sproing Fitness provides a HIIT workout as it was intended to be — cardio, strength, power and resistance all performed on a low impact, air surface. By reducing impact, we can consistently push our members beyond their limits to accelerate results. All gain, no pain.

Unlike other workouts, our entire class is performed on the Sproing Air Trainer, allowing us to move our clients quickly between cardio, strength and power movements in a 45 minute Tabata style workout (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest). The quick transitions keep your heart rate elevated and allow you to burn more calories both during and after the workout. Sproing Fitness members can burn up to 1,000 calories in one of our classes, which are shorter than those of our competitors.

The Sproing workouts are running based. Whether you love to run or hate to run, Sproing gives you a pain free way to enjoy the best calorie burning exercise in short, intense bursts. In addition to running, the Sproing Trainer is ideal for strength, balance and plyometric work because the instability of the surface works muscles better than a stable surface. The workout also incorporates a variety of equipment including free weights, medicine balls and body bars to make sure that no two workouts are exactly the same.

We offer set time classes that generally hold between 20 to 40 people. Each session is led by a specially certified Sproing trainer, who motivates you, while safely guiding you through your class, in an inspiring group environment. The classes are conducted to heart pumping music designed to match the pace and intensity of the workout. Each participant wears a heart-rate monitor and your maximum heart rate and training zone is displayed on screens in the studio. This serves as a motivational tool and tool for the instructor to gauge your exertion.

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What Are Our Competitive Advantages?

  • Proprietary equipment ensures no direct competitors
  • Low Impact Air Cushion absorbs impact to avoid injury
    • 50% less impact than softest treadmill
    • 66% less impact than pavement
  • Workout scalable for all fitness levels- allows for broad customer targeting
  • Heart Rate Training gives members and instructors science-based feedback on results and benchmarks to strive for
  • Better workout due to increased muscle activation from air surface
  • Clients can come back more frequently than at our competitors because there is less impact/injury

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What the Industry Has to Say

“Why choose between the treadmill’s hard and unforgiving surface or the elliptical’s unnatural and monotonous movement? Designed in 2014 by two men who loved to run but hated the treadmill, Sproing is a piece of gym equipment that’s like nothing else on the market. The low-impact machine replaces the treadmill’s usual plywood deck with soft cushioning that feels like running on the beach (waves and sand not included, unfortunately).”
Greatist, “The 28 Most Innovative Gyms in America”
“… Then I see the gym’s most popular machine. Called the Sproing Trainer, it looks like a traditional treadmill but is much smarter. (Think iPod Classic vs. iPhone6.) The machine has a harness that lets you learn forward to re-create the natural motion of running-that is, running on the balls of your feet rather than heel striking-and a very soft surface that makes it feel like you’re running on sand. Both these features take the load off your joints and let you train harder with much less effort. The uneven grounding coupled with support of the harness means you can knock out a session of sprints, lunges, and squats that can pass for a full leg workout in five minutes flat. I gave Glazer a curious look, and he smiles. “How’s that for an upgrade to leg day?” he says”
Jay Glazer, (co-owner of Unbreakable Performance with Brian Urlacher), Men’s Fitness Magazine, “Getting Ripped on the Sunset Strip”
“The players have been big fans of the Sproing. It’s a good way for the guys to keep their cardiovascular levels up and not put as much load on their joints”
Reggie Scott, Head Athletic Trainer for the Rams
“Sproing is a runner’s dream. The difficulty in training indoors is that the treadmills don’t let me run the way I have been coached. Running on treadmills forces me to run upright and on my heels. As soon as I got on a Sproing, it made me smile because knew I could run naturally and better. Sproing helps runners to run better and to run without injury from pounding impact by creating forward lean and forefoot strike. I think runners of all levels can benefit from Sproing. I plan to use Sproing as part of my training for the next Olympics in my quest for another gold medal and the world record.”
Demetrius Pinder, Olympic Gold Medalist, 4x400 Relay, London 2012
“We think this might be everywhere within a few years. The 2014 NFL Combine gave the Sproing a try, and at least four teams reportedly bought one.”
Yahoo Sports, “5 New Game Changing Fitness Inventions”
“Sproing allows coaches to safely teach runners to harness and replicate the gravity assisted falling method necessary to propel them forward. Sproing is a tool that helps you emulate running in a way that a treadmill can’t…”
Dr. Nicholas Romanov, Founder of Pose Method, Russian Olympic Coach
“Just had a great workout on my new @sproing! Soft surface interval training rocks..”
Mario Lopez

Sproing Fitness Locations

Sproing Fitness currently has 4 open studios:

Lincoln Park, Chicago at Studios Fuse
Urbana, MD
Columbia MD at SynergyFX
River Oaks, Houston, TX
Hollywood, CA at Unbreakable Performance

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