Sproing’s soft, air-filled surface significantly reduces impact and joint stress making it ideal for rehab and physical therapy. Sproing will get patients on their feet faster.
Train hard. Land soft.
Sproing offers the softness of an elliptical and the workout of a treadmill. Resistance springs are used to create the correct motion on a safe, non-moving cushioned surface instead of a moving belt over a hard, wooden deck. Sprong has two interchangeable platform surfaces – one filled with air for easier traning and the other filled with special high-density foam for an intense beach-surface workout. These surfaces make Sproing ideal for functional movement patterns and ADL’s such as balance, walking, running, squatting, lifting and side stepping in a progressive fashion.
  • Sproing has no moving belts
  • Sproing users control their speed and can decelerate and accelerate quickly
  • Sproing’s harness and handrails provide more security and safety to users of all abilities and across all rehabilitative stages, from post-op to fully recovered
  • Improves running form and cadence
  • Allows athletes to train at various speeds
  • Soft, flat surface can be quickly and easily adjusted allowing the therapist the ability to choose an appropriate level of stability challenge for each patient and each exercise
  • Patient Harness System and stable handrails allow therapists to engage in vestibular conditioning protocols safely and effectively
50% less
on the knees
41% less
on the back
32% less
on the ankles
Sproing vs Treadmill: Egg Drop Test
Data is a result of a study conducted by Benedictine University’s Department of Physiology.