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Just completed my first complimentary session at Sproing Fitness and I feel AMAZING! Today was the 1st of any physical activity done over the past 13 years where I have NO pain in my knee and lower back!
Alejandro G.
“It was a great workout. Soft on the knees. I feel I got a really hard workout without any hard impact. It was really easy on the knees. You have to try it. It is awesome.”
Madison Lee
“The workout was ridiculous. That is probably about the best workout I have had… ever. Its a whole lot of digging deep.”
Antonio Lynch, College Basketball Player
“It’s a killer. The workout is difficult due to the softness of the mat… It is very intense. More so than the treadmill running.”
Patrick Connors
“It was excellent. One of the best workouts I have had in that short period of time… This is a total body workout. Legs, arms, explosion, cardio. You can get an excellent total body workout in a short period of time.”
Rock Blackwell , Pro Boxer
“As athletes, we train tirelessly over and over again and one thing you want to stay clear of is injuries. I can definitely see using this to take me to a different level.”
Antwoine Sanders , Former NFL Player
“I love it. It is taking my routine workout to a higher level. It is a cardio challenge, as well as a strength challenge. I am a runner, I had some issues with my hips. The Sproing is completely comfortable. I feel no injuries during and no discomfort afterwards.”
Claudia Lajeur
“It is one of the most exciting things I have seen. You can run forward and backwards, do squats and lunges. You can incorporate it all into one routine. I couldn’t do that on a treadmill.”
Andrea Prichit , Ultramarathoner

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