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If you are looking for a gym that will help you achieve your health goals within a short time, then Sproing Fitness Lincoln Park is the right choice. Located in the North Side of Chicago, IL in the heart of the Lincoln Park neighborhood between Oz Park and DePaul University, Sproing Fitness is the world’s first soft surface interval trainer.

What Makes Sproing Fitness Different?

Our machines offer a soft spongy surface that feels like you are running on sand and is fitted with resistance bands and a belt to maintain your body in the correct position. This means that you can lean forward and land on your forefoot, with a low impact instead of landing on your heels. At Sproing Fitness you can train harder without the risks of accidents because you land on a softer surface. You do not have to be concerned about falling or the speed of the moving treadmill belt.

Benefits of Sproing Fitness:

  1. Amazing results within a short period. Short bursts of high-intensity exercises result in muscle toning, maximum fat burning and overall conditioning that restores the health of your body organs.
  2. Unique exercises that are more effective and less demanding. Our team of trainers has designed special exercises such as high-intensity cardiovascular exercise, and strength and power exercise that delivers positive results within a short period. The sessions include a 10-minute warm-up time and 30 minutes of intensive interval training.
  3. Anybody can train regardless of your level of experience. Sproing fitness machine can be customized to meet the needs of a beginner as well as the needs of an experienced athlete.

For once make a decision that will have a positive impact on your health. Visit us today and see the results yourself.

Intense Benefits of HIIT

Working out has never been more fun thanks to the countless ways we can shed those unwanted pounds. One of the hottest workout styles right now is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Although relatively new, it is gaining more and more supporters around the globe all the time — and it’s backed by science.

Sproing Fitness Chicago is a HIIT gym with an innovative workout style that helps you get the results you want,  quickly and safely! Our workouts move along at a fast pace but are doable by people of all fitness levels.

How is HIIT Different?

In essence, HIIT is defined as a set of short but intense workouts done consequently and is alternated by break periods. This is different from the traditional “steady state” cardio exercise, in which the effort you exert remains the same throughout the workout.

True to its name, HIIT is intense. It may seem hard at first, but it is ultimately very rewarding. After just a few sessions, trainees immediately feel the difference in their performance and in what they can do. That’s just a small taste of what HIIT can do for us.

Some of the many benefits of taking part in Spoing’s HIIT workouts include:

HIIT Burns A Lot Of Calories In A Small Period

The reason why HIIT is so popular is that it can immediately burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. The main purpose of HIIT is to keep the body going and going so it continues to heat up and burn calories. This training regime makes the most out of your time meaning if you have a tight schedule and can’t squeeze in a workout, HIIT might be the right program for you.

HIIT Workouts Are Fun, Energizing and Highly Personalized

One of the reasons why people avoid working out is that they are intimidated by the things others do in the gym. What they think is that the workouts themselves are hard and may take time getting used to.

However, in HIIT, each workout is doable — although it will push you to your limits. Regardless of your weight or height, you can definitely do most of the workouts your instructors tell you. Even better, your progress is easy to see as you find yourself more and more able to do the movements.

HIIT training is more about working out with your own body and less with lifting those heavy weights in the gym.

All-in-One Package

HIIT is an all-in-one package. It can improve your cardiovascular fitness, it can help you with weight loss, and it aids in building muscle as well. It is basically all the training you need to become a healthier person. Because it’s an all-in-one package, you don’t have to enroll in other classes too, so you can save both time and money.

Better Results in Less Time

Other training routines such as boxing, yoga, and others take up at least two hours of your day per session. If you are a busy person, then chances are you don’t have that 2 hours to spend.

However, HIIT sessions are generally an hour or shorter. You don’t have to make huge gaps in your schedule to do HIIT, meaning you can get the rest and exercise you need each day. Even better, HIIT keeps your metabolism up and burning calories for a long time post exercise.

Safer for Your Joints

The benefits of HIIT are exciting, but one concern with HIIT is that it can get too intense at times. For our bodies, that might not be great news as we could end up getting injuries and muscle pain we didn’t expect or want — which could keep you sidelined and discourage you from exercising as you should.

As such, it is so important to choose your HIIT workouts wisely. With our innovative Sproing trainers, we offer HIIT workouts that are gentle on your joints while pushing the rest of you to your limits!

Sproing Into Action!

At Sproing Fitness Chicago, we offer 45-minute classes of HIIT that’s unlike any other. Our sessions are mostly running-based but this is not what makes us different. Instead of using standard treadmills, we make use of our Sproing Trainer — a revolutionary “treadmill” with a soft and bouncy surface. This unique equipment makes sure that you get a challenging workout with much less stress to your knee joints than you get from a regular treadmill.

Although our classes are less than an hour long, we make sure that each session is worth it. Using the Tabata protocol, we maximize the number of calories you can burn in an hour. In just a few sessions, you’ll feel and see the difference as your fat gets burned and your muscles get toned.

There are many Chicago gyms that offer HIIT, but none other offers the care, efficiency, and much lower risk of injury that we offer at Sproing Fitness. We’ll gladly guide you on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

HIIT is proof that highly effective exercise doesn’t have to take its toll on your body! Let our Sproing Trainer reduce the strain your body receives while getting a full workout.