Bio: Lea is a fitness and sports fanatic who loves living an active healthy lifestyle! She is a California native, handstand enthusiast, coconut lover, and mother to two adorable cats (ask her about them- she loves to talk about them!). Growing up Lea played every sport you can name, so she loves to compete and be part of a team. Lea came to Chicago to attend DePaul University where she played on the Women’s Rugby Team and fell in love with weight training. Lea is a certified personal trainer who loves powerlifting and teaching women how to lift. If you’re looking for weight training expertise Lea is your girl. Follow her on instagram @leatallia_fit.

Favorite Quote: “There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait” – Alexander Hamilton

Hidden Talent: I can solve just about any puzzle that’s put in front of me.

Thing nobody knows about me: I was the Northern California Gymnastics State Champion in 2006. Hashtag that best describes me: #gainz


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