Bio: Hailing from Columbia, Missouri (M-I-Z!), Caullen originally came to Chicago to pursue film and found fitness as a second career along the way. As an avid strength trainer, HIIT / non-traditional cardio enthusiast and lover of all things that “just make sense”, Caullen finds Sproing as, hands-down, the best, most versatile workout tool. He blends his lifelong passion for sports conditioning and athletic performance to produce an intense yet unique HIIT experience. Caullen brings his energy, committed mindset, encouraging attitude and (sometimes) obnoxious personality to ensure a fun yet powerful workout. When not teaching, he can be found shooting films in the Chicago area and working on social justice campaigns.

Fun Facts

Favorite guilty pleasure: Chorizo Tacos

Best advice my mother/parent gave me: “Work hard and be nice to people.”

Favorite thing about Sproing: Watching new Sproingers fall in love with our air trainer and continue to see progress after every visit.

Hashtag that best describes me: #iCouldBeWrongButiDoubtit OR #BOE (Burpees Over Everything)

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