Bio: Comin’ at ya from northwest Iowa, prior to joining Sproing full time, Amanda was a corporate + wealth/estate planning paralegal by trade — loving the job, hating the desk. Sproing has given Amanda an opportunity to merge her dance/coaching background with her love of health and fitness to create a class that leaves Sproingers feeling strong and empowered. Amanda brings a fun, motivational, no excuse personality to her classes, so rise and shine early birds, she’s ready for you!

Fun Facts

Favorite guilty pleasure: Nutella. All the nutella.

Best advice my mother/parent gave me: “This too shall pass. You’re a Miller, giving up isn’t an option, it’s not what we do.”

Favorite thing about Sproing: It’s something DIFFERENT. As a trainer, it’s frustrating to watch people do the same thing and expect a different result. We give our clients a platform to shake up the routine every time they clip in, push beyond their limits and feel great the next day. I love representing a brand that is revolutionizing fitness — a brand with integrity and an edge.

Thing nobody knows about me: My relationship with Sproing started as a client. When we opened the doors (before mirrors and glass were even installed!), I was the most frequented client… I think I came about 40 times in 60 days — I knew this was going to be something big and had to be a bigger part of it!

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