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Jun 20, 2014

Fox32 News “Sproing easier on joints, unlike treadmill”

Is it just the latest workout fad or could it be the answer to your back aches and knee pain? The ‘Sproing’ is the latest running machine, but it’s nothing like a treadmill.

It’s a running machine that adds a spring to your step.

“You can go as intensely as you want as fast as you want and it gives you a speed reading,” said Paul Toback, CEO of Sproing Sport.

The Sproing was invented here in Chicago and is one of the latest machines that is said to help you to get beach body ready without the aches and pains.

“So, the surface of these is an inflated air cushion. It’s way better for your body half the impact on your knees 41 percent less on your back and 1/3 less on your ankles. It’s the softest treadmill in the industry,” Toback said.

David Valentine is a Sproing user that’s greatly benefited from the machine.

“While I used to run, now I’m at the age and condition where it hurts my knees and hurts my back, so when I read about this I said this sounds great because its low impact but high intensity,” said Valentine.

Instead of your typical treadmill that has a moving belt, the Sproing doesn’t. Instead, gym goers at Sproing Sport in Old Town run, jump and squat on an air filled pad.

Dr. Michael Terry, an orthopedic surgeon at Northwestern Medicine, said this new workout craze could be easier on your joints.

“Running on padding will decrease some of the impact. Running on different surfaces makes a difference. Just like running on turf or track is different than running on concrete,” said Dr. Terry.

And although working out on an air filled pad while you’re strapped onto a machine may take some getting used to, people who use the Sproing said it’s their results that count.

“I’ve lost about 2 inches on my waist and 10 lbs, and probably put on more in muscle mass in that time,” Valentine added.

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