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Land Soft

Sproing's exclusive soft surfaces reduce impact signficantly when compared to the softest treadmill
on the market.

  • 50% less on the knees
  • 41% less on the back
  • 32% less on the ankles


"The workout was ridiculous. That is probably about the best workout I have had... ever.
It's a whole lot of digging deep."

Antonio Lynch, College Basketball Player

"It was excellent. One of the best workouts I have had in that short period of time... This is a total body workout. Legs, arms, explosion, cardio. You can get an excellent total body workout in a short period of time."

Rock Blackwell, Pro Boxer

"As athletes, we train tirelessly over and over again and one thing you want to stay clear of is injuries. I can definitely see using this to take me to a different level."

Antwoine Sanders, Former NFL Player

"It is one of the most exciting things I have seen. You can run forward and backwards, do squats and lunges.
You can incorporate it all into one routine. I couldn’t do that on a treadmill."

Andrea Prichit, Ultramarathoner


Dimensions (L x W x H) 82" x 37" x 64"
Exercise Surface (L x W) 42" x 31"
Weight 355 lb (160 kg)
Max User Weight 400 lb (181 kg)
Speed Range 0 - 20 MPH (0 - 32 KPH) in 0.1 increments
Beach (Foam) Cushion 6" high density foam
Air Cushion Combination 4" air cushion and 2" high density foam
Control Console Data Power generated
Distance travelled
Time elapsed
Average heart rate
Average speed
Calories burned
Heart rate monitoring systems Polar® telemetry compatible heart rate monitoring system
Ports USB (for program updates), RJ45 (Csafe)
Power Requirements 120V, 6A max. Normal power consumption less than 10 watts
Warranty Five year warranty - Frame components excluding coatings
One year warranty - All other components not mentioned elsewhere in this warranty including cushion surfaces
Ninety days warranty - Labor and normal parts of wear

Running-based soft surface products to let you work hard without injury