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Group Training

Sproing is the perfect platform for small group training. It allows people of every fitness level to get a calorie torching cardio and strength workout together,
in one place, without injury. Finally,
there is a spinning for Runners.

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Seamless transition from cardio activities to resistance training exercises to power movements

Run Again

Sproing's unique design makes it an ideal treadmill replacement:

  • Exclusive soft, cushioned surfaces reduces by half the impact of the softest treadmill on the market
  • Harness promotes running with a forward lean - forcing correct foot motion on your cushioned forefoot instead of your heel.
  • No moving belt allows runners to rapidly accelerate and deaccelerate - great for speed work.


  • Adjustable arm resistance system enables wide variety
    of strength exercises through change in angle and resistance
  • Unique design makes Sproing ideal for muscle isolation and group work
  • Two interchangeable surfaces offer varying resistance

Less Impact

Sproing soft, cushioned surfaces offer less forceful impact than the softest treadmill on the market.

  • 50% less on the knees
  • 41% less on the back
  • 32% less on the ankles

Data is a result of a study conducted by Benedictine University's Department of Physiology.

Best Value

  • Sproing energy savings
    vs a treadmill:
    $1,200 savings / year
  • 5 month payback with just 16 classes per week
  • Lowest cost per square foot - half of TRX and Synergy 360

16 Minute Workout