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Mar 25, 2013

Sproing is the top SNEWS pick at IHRSA 2013

Thank you SNEWS!

Some people go to Las Vegas to hit the slots and place March Madness bets. We went to Vegas and spent all our time exercising on the fitness industry’s latest and greatest equipment.

IHRSA 2013 proved that the functional fitness training trend isn’t going away; in fact, it’s becoming more popular. Companies like Paramount, Hoist Fitness and Cybex are releasing new functional training stations and cages, just a year after Life Fitness unleashed its functional trainer.

Another trend gaining steam is advanced console technology that allows users to watch TV, track workouts and virtually run through gorgeous landscapes all over the world. Screens are getting bigger, tracking capabilities are getting more streamlined (customers can use the same account on multiple machines, whatever the manufacturer) and user experience is getting more interactive.

Plus, there’s an increased focus on developing products that can be adapted so everyone from the elite athlete to the elite athlete’s frail grandmother can use it.

But we’ll update you on those trends throughout next week, with specific drill-downs on cardio, strength and accessories. Right now, we’re giving you a list of what we thought were some of the top products and workouts at the show.

1. The Sproing
CEO Paul Toback is touting his creation as the “reinvention of the treadmill.” It’s not technically a treadmill — the platform doesn’t move and it’s not intended to replace running completely — but it sure worked us out hard. Maybe it was the one-on-one session with a St. Louis Rams trainer that left us dripping sweat after only 12 minutes, but we sure enjoyed testing this product.

SNEWS picks 10 awesome new products and workouts at IHRSA 2013
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