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Mar 11, 2013

HRSA 2013 Sneak Peek

Sproing highlighted in the lasted HRSA 2013 Sneak Peek by SNEWS

New cardio
One of the catchiest promotional phrases we’ve come across in our inbox is that of Sproing Fitness’ treadmill: “The treadmill. Invented 1913. Reinvented 2013.” We wrote about the Sproing treadmill in 2011. Sproing CEO Paul Toback debuted his prototype at IHRSA 2011 in San Francisco, but he said the tweaks to the product make it so it incorporates strength training as well.

Instead of the traditional rollers and moving deck Sproing’s treadmill has a soft cushion deck that makes the user feels like they’re running on the beach. We’ll let you know if that’s the case, as we will definitely be testing this product on the floor.

“This is the first cardio-based product innovation since elliptical and the first retooling of the treadmill since 1952,” Toback told SNEWS.

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