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Aug 22, 2014

A couple who works out together stays fit together

Thanks to Team LP Fitness for sharing this great clip.

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Aug 14, 2014

Sproing and Accelerated Rehab featured on WGN TV News

Denise Smith, a physical therapist and head of Accelerated Rehab running program, is at WGN with tips on how to avoid the aches and pains of running. The Accelerated Rehab’s Love to Run Program is designed for people who want to run longer, run faster and run without pain. Sproing is one of the three key pillars to this program.

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Aug 6, 2014

The Huffington Post tries Sproing Sport


Jordan K. Turgeon, Senior Lifestyle Blog Editor, The Huffington Post, stopped by for workout.

How’d It Feel: Sproing’s philosophy is “train hard, land soft.” The machine itself looks a bit like a backward treadmill, only instead of a moving belt beneath your feet, you have a soft stationary pad reminiscent of a camping air mattress (in fact, that’s what the founders used in their very first prototype). You’re attached to the machine via a harness that allows you to run in place and that also contributes to the low-impact nature of the class.

Arguably more important is how the class didn’t feel — painful. Typically, after 30 minutes of strenuous, “actually no, I cannot do another burpee, because I don’t have a drop of energy left in me” exercise, I wobble home on aching knees and strained shins. When I clipped out of the harness and returned to solid ground, there was the feel-good burn and fatigue that comes with a good workout but no aches to be had.

What It Helps With: Runners will appreciate that the Sproing Trainer was designed with them in mind as a way to build endurance and strength without the pain that can come with pounding the pavement. This is a low-impact workout that gets your blood (and sweat — lots of sweat) flowing.

What Fitness Level Is Required: Everyone’s max intensity is different, and the nice thing about classes that focus on heart rate zones is class-goers can customize to their fitness level. If certain skills are more difficult for you than others — say, for example, you loathe planks of all varieties… ahem — there are ways to change up your positioning on the pad to utilize the Sproing’s harness and take a bit of the strain off your body while still completing the exercise.

Would We Do It Again: Definitely. This would be a nice supplement to my regular running activities as a way of building endurance and strength while also giving my joints a respite.

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Jun 20, 2014

Fox32 News “Sproing easier on joints, unlike treadmill”

Is it just the latest workout fad or could it be the answer to your back aches and knee pain? The ‘Sproing’ is the latest running machine, but it’s nothing like a treadmill.

It’s a running machine that adds a spring to your step.

“You can go as intensely as you want as fast as you want and it gives you a speed reading,” said Paul Toback, CEO of Sproing Sport.

The Sproing was invented here in Chicago and is one of the latest machines that is said to help you to get beach body ready without the aches and pains.

“So, the surface of these is an inflated air cushion. It’s way better for your body half the impact on your knees 41 percent less on your back and 1/3 less on your ankles. It’s the softest treadmill in the industry,” Toback said.

David Valentine is a Sproing user that’s greatly benefited from the machine.

“While I used to run, now I’m at the age and condition where it hurts my knees and hurts my back, so when I read about this I said this sounds great because its low impact but high intensity,” said Valentine.

Instead of your typical treadmill that has a moving belt, the Sproing doesn’t. Instead, gym goers at Sproing Sport in Old Town run, jump and squat on an air filled pad.

Dr. Michael Terry, an orthopedic surgeon at Northwestern Medicine, said this new workout craze could be easier on your joints.

“Running on padding will decrease some of the impact. Running on different surfaces makes a difference. Just like running on turf or track is different than running on concrete,” said Dr. Terry.

And although working out on an air filled pad while you’re strapped onto a machine may take some getting used to, people who use the Sproing said it’s their results that count.

“I’ve lost about 2 inches on my waist and 10 lbs, and probably put on more in muscle mass in that time,” Valentine added.

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Jun 11, 2014

Sproing featured on Fox Business

After stepping down as CEO of Bally Total Fitness, Paul Toback hit the ground running with a new fitness-related idea.

In a Conference Room interview with FBN’s Jeff Flock, Toback says he perceived a big gap in the fitness industry.

“I think it’s what they really try to teach you in school, which is look for the open white space. We knew that the treadmill burned a lot of calories but hurt you, and that the elliptical was soft but didn’t burn a lot of calories,” says Toback.

The end result? The “Sproing,” which Toback describes as an air surface designed to help runners maintain natural running form – without the impact of running on pavement or on a treadmill.

“It’s basically an inflated flat air bladder. It’s 50% less impact than the softest treadmill in the industry and two-thirds less impact than walking outside,” says Toback. He says the name Sproing is intended to provide a sense of fun; it can also be used as a verb, as in “sproinging.”

“We basically tried to invent a better mousetrap,” says Toback.

Now, Toback is getting back to his Bally Total Fitness roots, opening fitness centers centered around Sproing machines.

“[F]rom a business standpoint, we looked at it and said we’re really fitness operators. And so we figured, why just sell them to other operators when we could run our own clubs,” says Toback. The first Sproing Sport club is located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Nov 5, 2013

Sproing at Club Industry 2013

Sproing was recently featured in a segment on WCIU about Club Industry 2013.

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Oct 16, 2013

What do you know about Running?

Here are some great videos from Pose Method that explain running.

What do you know about Running?

A quick Concept Intro to Running

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Jul 10, 2013

Sproing on WGN Morning News

Train and recover like a pro at the Chicago Recovery Room
By Ana Belaval

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May 22, 2013

Sproing vs Treadmill

We recently shot a side-by-side video to compare running mechanics of a traditional treadmill and Sproing. See which one promotes a better running form.

Ask for Sproing at a fitness facility near you.

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May 21, 2013

Return to Play

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Apr 29, 2013

Sproing at FILEX 2013

Sproing Steps Up at FILEX
Sproing stole the crowd at FILEX 2013, which is why we’ve put together a promo of the feedback we received by happy Sproing-ers.

Innovative, fun and a complete workout solution, Sproing is the perfect addition to any gym or health club. Call us today on 1-855-GO-SPROING to discuss how Sproing can work in your facility.

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Apr 24, 2013

Biggest Loser’s Dolce Quince is a Sproing fan

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Apr 15, 2013

The Egg Drop Test

We recently dropped an egg from four feet onto a treadmill and a Sproing.
Watch the video to see what happens.

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Apr 11, 2013

Virgin Active Sydney Puts Sproing to the Test

Sproing Fitness has proven a hit with trainers at Virgin Active Health Club in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney as well as those attending the IHRSA Conference in Las Vegas.

Trainers at Virgin Active were put through their paces at the official launch of Sproing at the Club in March.

Sproing Takes World by Storm

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Apr 1, 2013

Like “Running on a beach”

Love running but hate the wear and tear on your knees? The new Sproing cardio machine is launching its “finished product” at this weekend’s massive IHRSA fitness trade show in Las Vegas, after debuting a prototype back in 2011.

Yahoo! News – Sproing cardio machine is like “running on a beach”

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Mar 25, 2013

Sproing is the top SNEWS pick at IHRSA 2013

Thank you SNEWS!

Some people go to Las Vegas to hit the slots and place March Madness bets. We went to Vegas and spent all our time exercising on the fitness industry’s latest and greatest equipment.

IHRSA 2013 proved that the functional fitness training trend isn’t going away; in fact, it’s becoming more popular. Companies like Paramount, Hoist Fitness and Cybex are releasing new functional training stations and cages, just a year after Life Fitness unleashed its functional trainer.

Another trend gaining steam is advanced console technology that allows users to watch TV, track workouts and virtually run through gorgeous landscapes all over the world. Screens are getting bigger, tracking capabilities are getting more streamlined (customers can use the same account on multiple machines, whatever the manufacturer) and user experience is getting more interactive.

Plus, there’s an increased focus on developing products that can be adapted so everyone from the elite athlete to the elite athlete’s frail grandmother can use it.

But we’ll update you on those trends throughout next week, with specific drill-downs on cardio, strength and accessories. Right now, we’re giving you a list of what we thought were some of the top products and workouts at the show.

1. The Sproing
CEO Paul Toback is touting his creation as the “reinvention of the treadmill.” It’s not technically a treadmill — the platform doesn’t move and it’s not intended to replace running completely — but it sure worked us out hard. Maybe it was the one-on-one session with a St. Louis Rams trainer that left us dripping sweat after only 12 minutes, but we sure enjoyed testing this product.

SNEWS picks 10 awesome new products and workouts at IHRSA 2013
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SNEWS is Sprung for Sproing

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Mar 22, 2013

SNEWS is Sprung for Sproing

SNEWS stopped by our booth and checked out Sproing. Here’s what they had to say.

SNEWS tested what’s been dubbed the “reinvention of the treadmill” — the Sproing — at IHRSA yesterday and lived to tell the tale.

Amid a sea of black and gray products in Las Vegas was Sproing’s little orange booth. It was tucked away at the northeast edge of the trade show floor, but the petite booth size and remote location didn’t seem to matter. During the Thursday morning workout, people were buzzing about, getting short personal training sessions on the product with NFL trainers.

“Are you ready to rock and roll?” asked Reggie Scott, head trainer for the St. Louis Rams.

The SNEWS team is always ready to rock and roll. Scott told us to hop on the soft, air-filled surface, handed us a harness, then hooked the harness to the back of the Sproing via a bungee cord.

He told us to start marching in place and gradually increase to a running-in-place motion. Before we knew it, our stationary exercise (the platform doesn’t move on the Sproing, rather you lean forward and run in place, remaining upright thanks to the bungee cord) had us sweating like we do on our morning run.

We then began to do lunges, side steps and running backwards. Scott adjusted the surface to be as soft as sand, and our muscles worked harder, so we started sweating a little bit more.

After just 12 minutes, we were sweating like we’d run our usual five miles. And we were quite pleased.

Scott told us he’s had a few Sproing units in his facility for seven months and particularly likes the fact that his athletes can maintain their fitness even when they’re rehabilitating from an injury.

“There’s a much quicker acceleration of return to play,” Scott said. He added that his athletes, who are particuarly in tune with their bodies, are naturally skeptical of any new equipment he brings into the workout room, but were quick to embrace the Sproing after the first few workouts.

Sproing’s CEO Paul Toback said it’s been a good show so far.
“We have been absolutely packed,” Toback said, taking a brief break from explaining the product to a visitor.

Toback has dubbed his masterpiece, conceived by him and brought to life by his business partner and Chief Technology Officer Steve Lenz, the “reinvention of the treadmill.”

Even though the platform does not move, it allows runners to run leaning forward and get an aerobic workout without the impact of regular running. It also makes for a proper midfoot strike versus a heel strike, and decreases the likelihood of injury.

The crew brought a prototype to IHRSA in 2011, but this is the real deal, Toback said. It comes equipped with two strength stations so users can do both a cardio and strength workout with two different sets of resistance bands.

The piece (list price $7,900) has two surfaces — the air-filled surface and the beach surface. The beach surface can be added to the unit for $600. The surfaces pop out like couch cushions to make switching simple.

Its footprint is not much larger than a regular treadmill, which Toback said makes it ideal for clubs and facilities that have members who can’t run and need to replace a few treadmills.

“We think it has a lot of opportunity with sports teams and athletic rehabilitation facilities,” Toback said, adding that many NFL teams already have units in their workout rooms. Plus it’s good for facilities that cater to “seniors who want to run but, say, the belts move too fast. It’s good for everyone from the average member to elite athletes.”

Sprung for Sproing: SNEWS tests the ‘reinvention of the treadmill’

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Sproing is the top SNEWS pick at IHRSA 2013

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Mar 11, 2013

HRSA 2013 Sneak Peek

Sproing highlighted in the lasted HRSA 2013 Sneak Peek by SNEWS

New cardio
One of the catchiest promotional phrases we’ve come across in our inbox is that of Sproing Fitness’ treadmill: “The treadmill. Invented 1913. Reinvented 2013.” We wrote about the Sproing treadmill in 2011. Sproing CEO Paul Toback debuted his prototype at IHRSA 2011 in San Francisco, but he said the tweaks to the product make it so it incorporates strength training as well.

Instead of the traditional rollers and moving deck Sproing’s treadmill has a soft cushion deck that makes the user feels like they’re running on the beach. We’ll let you know if that’s the case, as we will definitely be testing this product on the floor.

“This is the first cardio-based product innovation since elliptical and the first retooling of the treadmill since 1952,” Toback told SNEWS.

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Mar 7, 2013

Sproing’s at the MLB SABR Analytics Conference

More info

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Feb 28, 2013

SNEWS Fitness Feature

SNEWS recently chatted with Paul Toback, CEO and co-founder of Sproing Fitness to see what he has in store for us at IHRSA 2013.

Tell us about the history of your company:
We started the company in our garages three years ago. We built a prototype out of wood lawnmower tires and camping mattresses and from that we worked diligently to evolve the product and get tremendous amounts of feedback, the final commercial product came to market nine months ago (April 2012).

What changes have you made to the Sproing since you launched?
When we talked two years ago, we were showing a prototype. Now, the concept is exactly the same but the equipment completely is different. The look is different, the color scheme is different, the materials are different – there’s much more molded plastic on it – and the look is much more appropriate for the health and fitness club.

We added strength functionality by adding four strength pods: Two on the vertical column and two on the base of the unit. With those you can do strength and cardio together. Adding that balance and power all in one place is unique. Most units are cardio units or strength units. We have a completely integrated unit to do strength work while you’re doing intervals or cardio and strength back to back.

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Feb 20, 2013

Sproing: Return to Play

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Feb 16, 2013

Sproing vs Treadmill – Run Right with Sproing

Sproing was designed to improve form and cadence by encouraging a forward lean and forefoot running.
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Jan 28, 2013

Sproing featured on Fox News

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Oct 22, 2012

Sproing workouts now available

Sproing workouts are now available for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Download the appropriate workout below.

Beginner – 25 Minute Workout
Intermediate – 27 Minute Workout
Advanced – 31 Minute Workout

Visit the movements video library to learn proper form for these exercises on Sproing.

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Oct 22, 2012

High-intensity Exercise Improves HDL and Fasting Glucose Levels in Metabolic Syndrome

Results from a recent study suggest that high-intensity exercise consisting of interval training is better at reversing components of metabolic syndrome than aerobic exercise alone.

Investigators, led by Dr Arnt Tjonna (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway), showed that among patients with the metabolic syndrome, those randomized to a high-intensity exercise program had significantly improved HDL-cholesterol levels, whereas those performing aerobic exercise did not, and there was a greater improvement in fasting glucose levels when compared with those undergoing a moderate-exercise training program.

Sproing is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) machine that accommodates users of any level and provides a unique and intense workout consisting of cardio, power, strength and balance.

Read the complete article | Learn more about Sproing Fitness

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