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The idea that you had to either pound your body on the hard surface of a treadmill or get an unnatural, inferior workout on an elliptical didn't make sense - why couldn't you have both a great workout and low impact?

Determined to find an answer, runner and fitness industry veteran Paul Toback, teamed up with another fitness industry veteran, Steve Lenz, to create Sproing.

Paul had been a senior fitness executive for more than a decade. As Chairman, former president and CEO of Bally Total Fitness, the largest, publicly traded health club company in the world, Paul understands the wants and needs of health club users.

Steve, an expert engineer, product designer and innovator, has been in the fitness industry nearly 18 years including 11 years at Life Fitness, the largest and most respected fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. There he served as head of mechanical engineering and vice president of engineering, overseeing the development of more than 90 new products. Prior to beginning his work on Sproing, Steve already held 10 U.S. patents.

Together, Paul and Steve brought Sproing to life by integrating their manufacturing, operating and user experiences to make a piece of exercise equipment that is intuitive, versatile and fun to use.

Most importantly, Sproing has less impact than an elliptical and the workout of a treadmill. And yes, it feels like running on the beach. What began after a run on the beach is now ready for you to enjoy.

Train hard. Land soft.

Research Materials

The science behind Sproing is real and documented. We conducted an extensive three month study to prove what we already knew (and felt!) - that Sproing is half the impact of a treadmill or elliptical. Read for yourself the research studies. The facts are compelling.

Research Studies

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