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Aug 22, 2014

A couple who works out together stays fit together

Thanks to Team LP Fitness for sharing this great clip.

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Aug 14, 2014

Sproing and Accelerated Rehab featured on WGN TV News

Denise Smith, a physical therapist and head of Accelerated Rehab running program, is at WGN with tips on how to avoid the aches and pains of running. The Accelerated Rehab’s Love to Run Program is designed for people who want to run longer, run faster and run without pain. Sproing is one of the three key pillars to this program.

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Aug 6, 2014

The Huffington Post tries Sproing Sport


Jordan K. Turgeon, Senior Lifestyle Blog Editor, The Huffington Post, stopped by for workout.

How’d It Feel: Sproing’s philosophy is “train hard, land soft.” The machine itself looks a bit like a backward treadmill, only instead of a moving belt beneath your feet, you have a soft stationary pad reminiscent of a camping air mattress (in fact, that’s what the founders used in their very first prototype). You’re attached to the machine via a harness that allows you to run in place and that also contributes to the low-impact nature of the class.

Arguably more important is how the class didn’t feel — painful. Typically, after 30 minutes of strenuous, “actually no, I cannot do another burpee, because I don’t have a drop of energy left in me” exercise, I wobble home on aching knees and strained shins. When I clipped out of the harness and returned to solid ground, there was the feel-good burn and fatigue that comes with a good workout but no aches to be had.

What It Helps With: Runners will appreciate that the Sproing Trainer was designed with them in mind as a way to build endurance and strength without the pain that can come with pounding the pavement. This is a low-impact workout that gets your blood (and sweat — lots of sweat) flowing.

What Fitness Level Is Required: Everyone’s max intensity is different, and the nice thing about classes that focus on heart rate zones is class-goers can customize to their fitness level. If certain skills are more difficult for you than others — say, for example, you loathe planks of all varieties… ahem — there are ways to change up your positioning on the pad to utilize the Sproing’s harness and take a bit of the strain off your body while still completing the exercise.

Would We Do It Again: Definitely. This would be a nice supplement to my regular running activities as a way of building endurance and strength while also giving my joints a respite.

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